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Neuropsychological Assessment Program

Psychology Health Group offers a special program in neuropsychological assessment. Evaluations through this program include neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing. Testing often includes assessment of the cognitive, academic, behavioral, and/or emotional changes and impairment that are often associated with developmental, neurodegenerative and other processes, including acquired disorders of brain dysfunction. Formal evaluation is often recommended for any individual who exhibits impairment in functioning due to these types of processes. There are numerous processes and disorders that can affect cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning. These processes and disorders include, among others:

In addition to assessing, diagnosing and/or confirming the cognitive, academic, behavioral, and emotional dysfunction associated with a suspected disorder, the purpose of these evaluations may also be to:

Typically, the evaluation includes clinical interviews with the client and family members, review of available medical, school and other records, administration of tests to assess various aspects of functioning, behavioral observations, and written report of assessment findings. The tests that are administered vary according to the specific goal of the evaluation, but often include formal assessment of memory and learning, intellectual functioning, academic achievement, attention and concentration, language and communication, perceptual and spatial abilities, motor skills, reasoning, judgment and problem solving, emotion and personality.

Several related, but distinct services are available through the Neuropsychological Assessment Program. These include:

To make a referral or to inquire further about the services available through the Neuropsychological Assessment Program, please call our office at (563) 359-4049.